Love you forever

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Time Has Passed

It's been too long since I've updated her blog. We seemed to have gotten lost in the day-to-day activities and have spent so much one-on-one time with her that I haven't made time to update. For her, I am sorry that I haven't recorded more. For me, I am not as sorry because I have enjoyed all of the time I spend with her.... She has become such a little fireball! She has more spunk and independence in her little body than most adults! She wants to do everything herself and will sometimes even undo what you did for her in order to do it independently. Her favorite words are, 'I got it.' She has discovered a love for the Sound of Music and wants to listen to 'Do Re Mei' about 10 times a day. She loves to sing along and gets better with each replay.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I Love You

Ryn told me she loved me yesterday! She has said it in response to us telling her, 'I love you,' but this is the first time she has said it without being prompted. Nothing special was going on - we were just shopping in Kohl's and she looked up from her stroller and said it as clear as day! It made my heart soar! I responded with, 'I love you, too,' and told her I was lucky to be her mommy. I love that little girl SO much!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Preschool and Gymnastics

Ryn started preschool today. She set out with her ladybug backpack and lunchbox and was ready to take on the world until she realized what was going on, which didn't take long. She wanted me to carry her inside and I wanted her to walk like a big girl, but I told myself that she needed me and pretty soon she wouldn't want me to carry her, so I conceded. When we got to her room we worked on a puzzle together and I tried to say good-bye. She became upset so I stayed a few more minutes to work another puzzle. She noticed I was trying not to cry and this only made it worse. She started crying again and Ms. Nicole, one of her teachers, was kind enough to hold her when I left. I cried all the way to the car and had to call my mom for comfort. Mom was good about reassuring me and I felt better by the time I got to work, but barely held it together when everyone asked me how things went. I thought about her all day and couldn't wait to pick her up from daycare. Ms. Sherrie said the teachers told her that they had tried to do a craft with Ryn that involved her hand being dipped in paint. Ryn would have no part of it. This doesn't surprise me AT ALL. She is a very neat child that doesn't like things to be on her hands. Other than that, I think things went okay for her first day. We went for ice cream this afternoon to celebrate. She is zonked out right now, no trouble going to sleep at all! She did a little better at gymnastics last night. She was a little more cooperative during stretching and center rotations. She enjoyed the balance beam again and was willing to try it with holding only one of her hands. Each child had three to four turns on the trampoline and by the last time she went halfway out by herself and turned around and grinned at us. She is such a stinker! I could tell after we left that she had a twinkle in her eye. She knew she had done better this week and was proud of herself. She is growing up too fast!

Monday, August 19, 2013


Ryn and I started a "Parent and Me" gymnastics tonight. I was so excited and hoped she would enjoy the activity. I could not be more wrong! During the stretching time, Ryn scurried away and tried to climb on the equipment while all the other participants followed directions and had fun stretching! She did slightly better during rotation time and actually did a couple of flips. She seemed to enjoy the balance beam the most. When it came time for the trampoline, Ryn wouldn't climb out there without me. Then she froze and wouldn't jump. "Okay, we tried," I told myself. During the next two rotations on the trampoline, Ryn wanted to go out when it was someone else's turn, but not hers. She is such a stinker! Luckily a friend of ours reassured me that all the other kids went through the same thing. Here's hoping next week goes better! :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Happy Second Birthday!!

We recently celebrated Ryn's second birthday surrounded by her closest friends and family. We wanted to have the celebration where it wasn't too hot and there would be an activity for the other children at the party. After looking around, we settled on an indoor putt-putt place in Opelika. It was a perfect arrangement because it had been raining and was nice to been indoors and almost all of the children could play putt-putt. Family members included were: all four grandparents; Allan, Jennifer, and Caro; and Manley and Lauryn. Friends in attendance were: Bennett and his parents; Olivia and her mom; Abby, from daycare, and her brother and mother: Jade, from daycare, and her mom; Carter and his parents; Miss Angie; Mr. and Mrs. Tate and Austin; Mr. Jack and Ms. Lydia; Mr. and Mrs. Browning; and Mrs. Popwell. She has so many people that love her! The theme was Eric Carle's Very Hungry Caterpillar book and we decorated with a picture from each month of your life. Some pictures were serious and some were funny - all were adorable! Ryn helped Nana make the head for her caterpillar cake while we had cupcakes on round plates to fill in the rest of the body. Ryn enjoyed opening her gifts and wanted to examine each one. After the gifts were opened everyone went to play putt-putt. Everyone except Ryn, of course, because her mission was to crawl all over the course and see how much she could get into. She had more fun running around and greeting her guests. In fact, most of our pictures turned out to be blurry because she wasn't still for more than a couple of seconds at a time! We have been so blessed to have her as a part of our family! We look forward to many more years to come!! Thank you, God for your many blessings!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Orange Beach 2013

I took Ryn to Orange Beach earlier this Summer and she had a great time! We joined my parents, brother and sister-in-law, and niece for the short vacation. Our trip began with spotting turtles at Wintzell's Oyster House and Ryn running around the condo squealing her little head of with her cousin. We spent most of the next day hanging around the condo, enjoying the view from the balcony and playing in the sand. Unfortunately, Ryn and I were not able to stay much longer, but we made memories that will last for a lifetime. I will look back at this someday with her and tell her stories that will make her eyes sparkle!

Monday, June 10, 2013


We headed straight out of town on Memorial Day weekend, destination - Chattanooga, TN!! Ryn got to experience her first merry-go-round at the park and come face-to-face with sharks and penguins at the aquarium. She enjoyed sitting in dada's lap while riding the carousel. Maybe next time she will brave a horse - baby steps! The last time she came in contact with sharks and penguins was when she was only eight weeks old. This go round was much smoother! She ran around touching the glass and squealing with delight. I think she enjoyed watching the various types of jellyfish the most. We wait to take you back and enjoy more of Chattanooga. can't