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Monday, August 19, 2013


Ryn and I started a "Parent and Me" gymnastics tonight. I was so excited and hoped she would enjoy the activity. I could not be more wrong! During the stretching time, Ryn scurried away and tried to climb on the equipment while all the other participants followed directions and had fun stretching! She did slightly better during rotation time and actually did a couple of flips. She seemed to enjoy the balance beam the most. When it came time for the trampoline, Ryn wouldn't climb out there without me. Then she froze and wouldn't jump. "Okay, we tried," I told myself. During the next two rotations on the trampoline, Ryn wanted to go out when it was someone else's turn, but not hers. She is such a stinker! Luckily a friend of ours reassured me that all the other kids went through the same thing. Here's hoping next week goes better! :)

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