Love you forever

Friday, August 24, 2012


Ryn is learning how to drink through a straw and she is so cute about it. She will reach for the straw, put her mouth around it, and suck as hard as she can. When the liquid comes to her mouth, she lets go and just stares at the straw then looks at us and grins. Almost like she is saying, "Look what I did!" Then she won't let us have any more, especially if there is a smoothie in the cup!! :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

First Visit to the Lake

Eric and I took Ryn to visit Aunt Carol and Uncle Bryan at their lake house this weekend and she LOVED it! Her favorite part was the ride on the pontoon boat. She would stand next to the sides and hold her hands out past the railing. Then she would stomp her feet with excitement and grin at everyone. Before we knew it, she was at the controls and learning how to blow the horn! She got so worn out that the she fell asleep on the porch between rides. Saturday evening she enjoyed bites of a yummy steak and delicious peach tart made in Uncle Bryan and Aunt Carol's new Dutch oven. Later she discovered a beautiful cedar cup that Uncle Bryan made and didn't want to let it go. Uncle Bryan graciously gifted it to her and she proudly carried it around. She is eagerly awaiting her next visit to the lake. And to see Uncle Bryan and Aunt Carol, of course.