Love you forever

Saturday, February 23, 2013


One of the good things about Ryn's daycare situation is that I get to see her every afternoon in the car rider line at school. Ms. Sherrie comes to pick up her son and I can sneak around to the other side of her car and say hey to Ryn. Most of the time Ryn giggles and is glad to see me. However, there have been times lately that she acts like a silly teenager and ignores mommy so I make sure to say hey to all the other kids in the car and she immediately starts paying attention to me! Well, it was raining pretty good the other day and I didn't have my umbrella so I opened the door on the opposite side of the car and she immediately looked at me and pointed to her door and said, "See"!! She was unhappy that I didn't come to her side and see her! Little stinker loves mommy whether she wants to admit it or not :)